New songs online
Hey friends. New songs can be found at and they will be available on our official homepage too as soon as we find a server to put them on. Take care for now!

23 Jan 2006

Time to break the silence
Yeah, we´re sorry for the lame updating on this site, but we've been damn busy getting all the band shit together again after numerous of reasons.

So what the hell are Reclusion doing these days? We have recorded a demo since we don't have a record deal. The song on this demo (five) and the rest of the unrecorded songs (about 10) are a bit different from what we've done before, but these songs are really down to the core of the true Reclusion soul. It's all about getting really heavy and finding the right magic moments in the melancholy harmonies. We just wanted to record what ever came the fuck out of us, no matter if it's rock 'n roll, blues, thrash, death or what ever you know, and it turned out to be fucking awsome. The new songs is truely straight from the heart. We recorded it our selves and you really have to check this shit out as soon as the demo songs are posted right here baby, 'cause they rock! Stay updated and you'll be able to listen to the demo in just a few days.
22 Dec 2005

Official Statement
Reclusion has found their axe man.

“After numerous of auditions we were totally blown away by this amazing guitarist and energy bomb,” claims front man Rune Foss.

Reclusion’s new lead guitarist is 28 year old Mattias Bolander, who has besides being part of numerous bands also studied music for several years. Among other diplomas he shows a top degree from Musicians Institute of Tech, CA and he have also played with big-time guitarists like Dimebag Darrel (RIP), Paul Gilbert, Keith Wyatt etc.

“-I feel very inspired to once again be a member of a band, Mattias says. The two year long absence from the metal scene, in which I explored various different styles of music in order to get perspective on things, has really reignited the spark and I’m looking forward to get into it all a.s.a.p.
-I like the challenge that comes with joining an already existing band, he continues, because I’m on top of my game and very confident that I’ll pull through, adding my playing style and experience to this already great sounding band.”

Reclusion also states that their new album is finally mixed and soon to be released on a not yet confirmed label. The band is currently rehearsing new material together with new guitarist. “This line-up feels stronger then ever and we are eager to hit the stage and kick some ass again”, says drummer Marek Dobrowolski.
24 Apr 2005

Studio Report
Hi there folks! We're right now in Los Angered Recording together with Andy La Rocque and mixing our second album entitled "Inventory Of The Morgue". It's sounds so heavy and aggressive and we're damn proud of the sound so far! It will be completed this week and the quest for a label to release this 11 song package of violent ass kicking, will start pretty soon. Concerning distribution in the US - "Shell of pain" have been distributed with smaller shipments to the US so far, and we're still looking for a US deal. The album can be found through online stores though. Alright friends and thank you very much for your interest in Reclusion, it means a great deal to us! Take care for now // Reclusion.
30 Mar 2005

Reclusion lead guitarist leaves the band
Lead guitarist Toni Korhonen decides to leave Reclusion.
Toni states that the reason for him leaving the band is that he wishes to pursue his desire to play more rock/blues oriented music. We (the rest of Reclusion) support him in his decision and wish him all the best in the future.

The band is now auditioning guitarists to fit the spot as the lead guitarist. If you feel that you have what it takes, please feel free send a email to

The band has currently entered Los Angered Recording to do the final mixing of the album “Inventory of the morgue” with Andy La Rocque.
18 Mar 2005

Reclusion 2005 update.
Download new song here

Hello friends. We know that there are a lot of you out there that demand to know what the hell is going on. We hear you! Thanks for the mails encouraging us to give some info. We have news about our progress, future plans, new material and posted songs on the site.

Well here is the deal. “Inventory of the Morgue” is not yet scheduled for a release. This is due to a remix session that is hard to plan due to overbooked studio. And we have not yet found a label for the release. Despite the rumour on Blabbermouth, that stated we signed with Listenable Records.

No one is more frustrated about the whole deal regarding the release of “Inventory of the morgue” than us. The plan is to get everything ready for release during this spring. As soon as we get a label that picks the album up, we’re sure that it will hit the stands shortly thereafter. We have posted a new song on the site that you can enjoy and make the wait a little bit easier.

However, the reason for the lame updates on the site is that we have been quite busy writing new material and building our own studio/rehearsal place. We have about 14 new songs for album 3. That means that Reclusion has now 25 NEW SONGS! We are sitting on this huge pile of great Metal and doing everything in our power to get that stuff out to you guys. Believe us, we are trying.

Our mailing list will be updated so everybody needs to subscribe again. Just leave your mail address and you will be the first know.

In the meantime enjoy Eaten from within and check back frequently for the latest news and updates regarding Reclusion.

Thanks again for your support, patience and dedication to us and our music. We will not forget.

All the best.

Rune, Pasi, Toni and Marek
25 Jan 2005

Thank you Friends!!
Thanks to all of you who came out and saw our shows supporting Sadus. We had a terrific time and met a shitload of crazy Metalheads. Thanks.

Big cheers also to our newly acquainted friends. Steve, Jon and Darren from Sadus. We had a great time with you guys and hope to see you soon again.

There are some new pictures from the Gothenburg show in the media section. Be sure not to miss those.

There will be a massive report on the progress with the new album real soon.
So check back frequently and you'll keep updated.

14 Apr 2004

Last date with Sadus confirmed!!
It is set, Reclusion will be accompanying Sadus on their two dates in Sweden. First one is (as announced previously) is in Örebro at Down Town and the next in Gothenburg at Belsepub. Be sure to spread the word because it will be a night you'll not forget easily.

See you all there!!!!

Please check news section for the whole story,
28 Mar 2004

Reclusion & Sadus
It's confirmed that Reclusion will play with famous Sadus (Members of Testament, Death etc) in Örebro and hopefully one more show in Sweden as well. We'll let you know when it's solidified.
12 Mar 2004

Thank you Aalborg!!!!
Thank a lot to all of you that came to our show in Aalborg last weekend. You guys were great. We had a great time in Denmark and we will come back soon again for sure.

Mangen tack till Kasper and crew for great arrangments and big hail to our friends in Transport Leauge.
23 Feb 2004

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