2004-04-11 - Belsepub - Gothenburg - Sweden
With Sadus
2004-04-10 - Down Town - Örebro - Sweden
With Sadus
2004-02-21 - 1000 Fryd - Aalborg - Denmark
With Transport League

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New songs online
Hey friends. New songs can be found at http://www.myspace.com/reclusion and they will be available on our official homepage too as soon as we find a server to put them on. Take care for now!

23 Jan 2006

Time to break the silence
Yeah, we´re sorry for the lame updating on this site, but we've been damn busy getting all the band shit together again after numerous of reasons.

So what the hell are Reclusion doing these days? We have recorded a demo since we don't have a record deal. The song on this demo (five) and the rest of the unrecorded songs (about 10) are a bit different from what we've done before, but these songs are really down to the core of the true Reclusion soul. It's all about getting really heavy and finding the right magic moments in the melancholy harmonies. We just wanted to record what ever came the fuck out of us, no matter if it's rock 'n roll, blues, thrash, death or what ever you know, and it turned out to be fucking awsome. The new songs is truely straight from the heart. We recorded it our selves and you really have to check this shit out as soon as the demo songs are posted right here baby, 'cause they rock! Stay updated and you'll be able to listen to the demo in just a few days.
22 Dec 2005

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